The company

bigarren-bizi-logoStephane Peys and his associate invested themselves in the development of the BIGARREN BIZI company in 2009, when they understood that resources rarefaction, increasing consumption of electronics and more and more efficient organisations for collecting waste streams would instigate strong needs for affordable, efficient and environmental friendly metal recovery processes from e-wastes.Capitalizing on more than 15 years of experience in the European electronic industry as well as on a strong knowledge of industrial equipment used for extracting ores in the mining industry, they started developing a unique mechanical process aimed at extracting and separating high added value metals from End of Life PCBAs.
During three years, they benefited from the support of the regional Aquitaine Incubator on one hand and of several Research laboratories on the other hand, among them the leading edge Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse. Such partners helped BIGARREN BIZI at validating the economic and technical feasibility of their multi-metal recycling process invention.After a first prototype of the NIREA process was built and demonstrated key performance in terms of metals separation and level of metals purity obtained, the start-up “BIGARREN BIZI” or “Second Life” in Basque Language, was founded in early 2012 and was recognised by the French Government as a ‘Young and Innovative Enterprise’.Now, the ambition of the company is to become one of the European leaders of PCBAs recycling in Europe. Waiting for its first NIREA pilot plant to be built near the dismantlement centre of Bilta Garbi in Bayonne, South of France, the company is proposing copper recycling activities.

Strategic nature of the project for BIGARREN BIZI :

With the NIREA project, BIGARREN BIZI will have the opportunity to access more rapidly to the market by getting the opportunity to build a first pilot plant, by getting a better understanding of European legislations, by giving some key potential customers the opportunity to test the quality of recovered metals, and by being supported in their low carbon footprint strategy for the construction of a low carbon and zero waste industrial plant. The successful evaluation of the project within the ECO INNOVATION framework will also give them more legitimacy for defending the innovativeness and eco-efficiency of their recycling solution.

Team :

Photo SPS Stéphane PEYS
Former Director of Purchasing and quality member CODIR BU Powertrain Sensors suppliers
Continental Automotive, Engineering Physics components
68% of capital shares
Photo SRK Samer RAZAK
Financial adviser & shareholder
CFO Europe South and West Pioneer Seeds
Former Head of Mission E & Y Audit
25% of capital shares
Former Manager and Lab installation Clients Sites Cameron Mozley, UK
Former Industrialization Manager BMS Circuits
Photo ABD Antoine BRIAND
Business Development Director
Former Director of a start-up incubator
2% of capital shares

Our ambition :


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