GAIKER is a Centre for Technological Innovation, with more than 130 experts and professionals at the service of companies, industries and institutions, which offers quality solutions to the technological needs that are presented. In order to achieve this, it also has the most advanced laboratory and experimentation equipment, as well as the knowledge and technological expertise accumulated over its 27 years of experience. From 1985, the Centre has carried out close to 1.500 R&D Projects related to its Knowledge Areas: Biotechnology, Environment & Recycling and Plastics & Composites. Besides its activity in R+D, GAIKER-IK4 offers to its customers Advanced Technological Services, Analysis and Tests and Technological Dissemination Services.



In the Environment and Recycling area GAIKER develops Environmental Technologies to assess the health of the environment (soils, surfacewater and groundwater) and the treatments associated with their purification and remediation. The Environmental Management team analyses the sustainability of processes, products (ecodesign) and services throughout the entire lifecycle, by applying methodologies such as environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) and Social (SLCA) Life Cycle Analysis. Indeed, their deep understanding of sustainability assessment methodologies and their wide-ranging experience in other fields (end-of-life processes, development of new materials, etc.) help to explain their position as a Reference Centre for sustainability assessment.
Another of GAIKER’s areas of activity involves the sustainable design and planning of industrial zones using industrial ecology concepts (symbiosis and joint actions), which enables to optimise resource use and the environmental impact associated with business centres whilst obtaining technical, economic and social benefits for all involved parties
In the field of Recycling, GAIKER works on the treatment of streams of materials from post-consumption waste of all origins and industrial scraps. In the field of Energy Recovery, it develops ad hoc processes to obtain refuse derived fuels, as well as processes for the feedstock recycling of plastics or to obtain biofuels from renewable sources.
The Plastics and Composites Area of GAIKER conducts R&D projects on Thermoplastic Materials, Thermoset Materials and their composites. It works on the selection, formulation and modification of these, on their processing and characterisation, as well as on the design and production of prototypes.
GAIKER major skills bring to NIREA are related to:
Ecodesign guidelines of a recycling facility under the principles of zero waste and low carbon, following a life cycle approach.
Marketability checked of recycling/recovery options for the polymer substrate of PCBs.

Strategic nature of the project for GAIKER :

The development and setting up of NIREA recycling system implies a breakthrough in the e-wastes recovery solutions. This low cost, environmental friendly and highly flexible process presents all the advantages to penetrate the market and to turn into the most competitive option for the printed circuit board treatment. However NIREA system has to pass some barriers and demonstrate the process eco-benefits from the overall life cycle perspective.
On its effort to increase knowledge, GAIKER finds this project as a decisive opportunity for assessing a novel process from environmental, ecodesign and recycling point of view, collaborating thus in the identification of those barriers and in the demonstration of the environmental process benefits. Identifying environmental aspects regarding a zero waste policy, assessing the environmental impacts, defining eco-design solutions or considering the recycling/recovery options for plastic out streams, will be some of points on which GAIKER will collaborate, contributing with its knowledge as well as learning from the process novelties.

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