Bostlan, S.A. is an SME near Bilbao whose main production is alloying tablets for the aluminum industry. The tablets are mixtures alloying metallic powders compacted. Firstly, a powder of a metal alloying of aluminum (manganese, titanium, chromium, copper or iron, essentially, in a percentage between 75 and 85%), and, secondly, aluminum powder (between 15 and 25%). The final product is added by customers Bostlan, SA in aluminum furnaces alloy to the bath to the desired concentrations. The production process involves grinding of some material (chromium and manganese), the mixture of metals with the aluminum alloy powder, cold compacting blends of powders of said hydraulic presses and the packaging material.
Bostlan, S.A. was founded in 1984 for the manufacture of auxiliary products for cast iron and steel industry. In 1988 it began production of the first tablets for alloying aluminum industry, an activity that became principal from 1994.
For years, Bostlan has focused his innovative efforts on the study of compact for the aluminum industry. Since 2009 we have as main strategic objective of the R & D, the diversification of our industrial activity both in terms of the current industry products and in the manufacture of products for different sectors of the aluminum smelter.


Another contribution by Bostlan will be to set specifications for the metallic fractions recovered, so that they can be successfully incorporated in their current products or in other applications.

Strategic nature of the project for BOSTLAN :

With this project, BOSTLAN expect to a new business line and diversify their actual business.

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